More Highlights from Israel

The Grungrass Family

Call me nostalgic, but I was incredibly honoured and moved to spend time with my dad’s 94 year old 1st cousin, Henek Grungrass, who happens to have an active facebook page, still drives and attends gym classes regularly! I stayed with his daughter Ilana and her partner Yankele in Givataim for several nights. They were very welcoming and really made me feel at home. I enjoyed briefly meeting their son, Eitan –connecting immediately with his warm and friendly disposition.

Visiting the Nencel Family at Beit Lechem Haglilit:

It was wonderful to spend a Shabbat with some old friends who I used to live with in Australia – Jon Robinson and Rani Nencel. Rani lives with his wife, Ella and kids, Guy and Ittai in Beit Lechem Haglilit – a very green moshav near Tivon, just south of Haifa. We had a very restful Shabbat, relaxing at home, meeting some of their friends, playing music and keeping cool. Ella is an artist painting native Israeli flowers – we shared our artworks and a common passion for the native flora of our respective countries!