Custom made Ketubot

These works have been individually designed and crafted to suit the requirements and tastes of my clients. They have all been hand scripted & painted using gouache, watercolour, ink and 23KT Gold or Silver leaf on 600GSM Fabriano hot-pressed watercolour paper.

The prices range between $AUS1000 and $AUS2000, depending on the detail.

Appoint me to design a unique, hand crafted marriage contract to capture the sentiments of your union.

Ketubah scribe Australia

Typographic Gallery



hand printed ketubah border

The contemporary designs are inspired from a blend of the ancient manuscripts in combination with elements from the Australian landscape. The earthy tones evoke a sense of the subtleties and the sublime in the natural environment.

Each design has been hand-crafted onto lino and printed in one to three colours. Using a photographic process, I transfer my hand-written text onto a photo-polymer etching plate and print these plates over the linoblock border designs. Most artworks are available in limited editions of 18 (the number in Hebrew that signifies life). Hand-printed designs are available from $AUS500 plus shipping costs. Gold and Silver leaf borders are available for an additional cost of $AUS100.

Your Limited Edition Ketubah will be hand scripted with your details to personalise and complete the document at no extra charge.