East WesT


The East West Series are inspired by Kabbalistic theories of emanation, ascendance and descendance. They were produced after travelling through Turkey, Israel and New York and explore the convergence of Jewish mysticism and sacred geometry. All works have have been derived from the layering of multiple carved lino blocks.


In a downward flow of spiritual energy from the Mashpia (Emanator), the recipient of that energy is called the Alul. Although, the literal meaning of the Hebrew word is ‘effect’ it also holds the implication of ‘influenced’.

Each of these images were created by layering up to 7 carved lino blocks of differing sizes and exploring the effects of colour vibrations, changing the order of the layering with each image.

Giclee Prints on Canvas

Unlimited Edition

Ascending and Descending

These works represent life’s duality – whether one chooses to ascend (to a higher level) or descend toward a deeper sense of groundedness, the aim is to dissolve the ego on the path to wholeness.

Giclee Prints on Canvas

Unlimited Edition


Mandala Series - Photographic Prints

This series of photographs have informed the direction of my work

Photographic Prints

Unlimited Edition

$30 each (12 x 12cm)

Star of David


Turkish Mandala


Turkish steps