Eastern States Artist Residencies 2017

I’ve recently recently returned to WA from completing two fruitful residencies in Sydney and Melbourne. The first of the two residencies was at my old school - Moriah College in Sydney. I was fortunate to be fully set up with a spacious studio in a section of a large classroom with the focus on my personal art practice.

I demonstrated to students the entire process of making a work of art from research through design development to a resolved finished artwork. My theme was Biblical fruits and I cut a detailed stencil design - the basis of several artworks that ensued.

I also ran several sessions with students in the Banksia shrubland – where students created the letter ‘shin’ from local native bush and weeds, deepening their awareness of the native vegetation.

Meanwhile, back in the classroom, the senior students were given an extension task to select an ethical Hebrew phrase to write with organic material – exploring the possibilities in ephemeral art. This is a selection of what they came up with...

I spent a couple of weeks in Melbourne at King David School, working with Grade 6 through to Year 12. Once again, combining Hebrew text and symbolism with the natural environment. 

We looked at symbolism of Rosh Hashona to create a range of innovative art cards and the Year 7 Jewish Studies students worked with the theme of identity, through the art of printmaking, the students illuminated the first initial of their Hebrew names.

Here’s a sample of their extraordinary talent….