Hand printed Ketubah

The contemporary designs are inspired from a blend of the ancient manuscripts in combination with elements from the Australian landscape. The earthy tones evoke a sense of the subtleties and the sublime in the natural environment.

Each design has been hand-crafted onto lino and printed in one to three colours. Using a photographic process, I transfer my hand-written text onto a photo-polymer etching plate and print these plates over the linoblock border designs. Most artworks are available in limited editions of 18 (the number in Hebrew that signifies life). Hand-printed designs are available from $AUS500 plus shipping costs. Gold and Silver leaf borders are available for an additional cost of $AUS100.

Your Limited Edition Ketubah will be hand scripted with your details to personalise and complete the document at no extra charge.


native Ketubah

Ruby star ketubah

Sacred Blue Geometry


Native Glow